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Expoort market research help you to discover and select the best export markets.

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Look through over 60,000 market research , specify your country of origin, product (name or HS), and destination country in which you are interested to export or import.

Expoort helps you to have Immediate information to make faster decisions.

Political, economic, social, technological information, potential demand, imports, exports, companies in the country, suppliers, prospects, fairs, taxes, duties, customs documentation, trade legislation and trends.

All in one document and in one click!

Expoort helps you save time to get the relevant information to make better decisions.

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Save time and make better decisions to select and reach foreign markets.



Help your client to find the best way to internationalization. Thousands of market research tariff codes 4 and 6 digits in over 20 countries.

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Get updated market research for case study and distribute freely among their students.

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