Characteristics of studies Expoort 6 Digits

Market research Expoort 6digits with selection of country of origin

The market research Expoort 6digits is made based on the 6-digit tariff code, following the Harmonized System (HS) governing the designation and coding. Unlike studies Export Free, arrive at a definition 6-digit display allows more precise data about your product (statistics, tariffs, regulations, etc.) necessary to make better decisions.

Available in 6 languages

Once download a study Expoort 6digits may have versions in Spanish, English, French, Italian, Portuguese and German.

Download of statistical data in spreadsheets

You can avail of the study tables in spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel format) to facilitate the work of data analysis.

Main sections of the study Expoort 6digits:

Besides information Expoort Free studies, in 6digits information is extended:

  • Potential output destination
  • Analysis of major competing countries your product
  • Business sector chosen (potential customers, partners, etc. Demand country destination country )
  • Duties and taxes applicable in the destination
  • especéfica general and export documentation
  • company Directories and electronic markets
  • country
  • Information major trade fairs
  • Information for implantation in the destination
  • applicable Laws, patents and trademarks
  • Additional countries with export opportunities country their product

Types of market research

Expoort Free Expoort 6 Digits
Tariff code (HS) ... 4 digits 6 digits
Available language English 6 languages
Possible selection Destination country Country origin and destination
File Type Pdf Pdf
Main countries where competitor countries export
Companies of destination country (potential customers, partners ...)
Duties and taxes of destination country
General and specific export documentation
Information about the implementation in the destination country
Facts study tables available in spreadsheets
Price Free 48 €