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Motorcycles in Burma - Spain - HS871130

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  • Origin: Spain
  • Destination: Burma
  • Available language : English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German

Sectors: Automotive.

With reciprocating internal combustion piston engine of a cylinder capacity exceeding 250 cm³ but not exceeding 500 cm³

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The actual position and features of Burma for the import products is a fundamental factor. The net balance of the trading account in Burma is -$2.596 billion in 2013, -$1.791 billion in 2012. Industries which has the highest annual production in Burma range are: agricultural processing; wood and wood products; copper, tin, tungsten, iron; cement, construction materials; pharmaceuticals; fertilizer; oil and natural gas; garments, jade, gems. Increasing the industry is 11.4% in 2013. Burma's GDP is $59.43 billion in 2013 and the breakdown by sectors: agriculture: 38%,industry: 20.3%,services: 41.7% in 2013. Learning the relationships between the two countries that will take part in any operation export / import is obviously necessary and vital work.

The transit product motorcycles (HS871130) from Spain to Burma, needs a complete observation of the characteristics of the country. For the export of our product (motorcycles (HS871130)) from Spain, it is essential to examine the country destination in depth.

  1. Burma: Information
    1. Economic Information
    2. Political and country risk information
    3. Demographic information
  2. Demand information
    1. Potential demand from the country of origin (Spain) to the destination country (Burma) of the HS871130 product
    2. Potential demand of the HS871130 product
    3. Analysis of the main competitors (Asia)
    4. Comparison of the evolution of the major exporting countries (Asia) of the HS871130 product
  3. Supply information
    1. Companies in Burma
    2. Directory of companies and e-Marketplaces
    3. Fairs and exhibitions
    4. Information to create a business
  4. Market accessibility
    1. Taxes and tariffs
    2. Customs documentation
    3. Laws of economy
    4. Patents and trademarks
  5. Other countries providing opportunities for the HS871130 product

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