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Yachts and vessels in Suriname - Spain - HS890399

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  • Origin: Spain
  • Destination: Suriname
  • Available language : English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German

Sectors: Maritime.


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Valuing the most characteristics of the country destination (Suriname), feasibility of the import of our product (yachts and vessels (HS890399)) can be determined. Suriname's economy consumption is distributed as follows:household consumption: 73.8%,government consumption: 9.9%,investment in fixed capital: 5%,investment in inventories: 19.7%,exports of goods and services: 43.2%,imports of goods and services: -51.6%, in 2013. The strongest sectors in Suriname are: agriculture: 8%,industry: 14%,services: 78% (2004). The economy is dominated by the mining industry, with exports of alumina, gold, and oil accounting for about 85% of exports and 25% of government revenues, making the economy highly vulnerable to mineral price volatility. The investigation of the elect markets is essential before initiating international export operations

The analysis of the origin country (Spain) may be crucial to start exporting our products yachts and vessels (HS890399). For the export of our product (yachts and vessels (HS890399)) from Spain, it is essential to examine the country destination in depth.

  1. Suriname: Information
    1. Economic Information
    2. Political and country risk information
    3. Demographic information
  2. Demand information
    1. Potential demand from the country of origin (Spain) to the destination country (Suriname) of the HS890399 product
    2. Potential demand of the HS890399 product
    3. Analysis of the main competitors (America)
    4. Comparison of the evolution of the major exporting countries (America) of the HS890399 product
  3. Supply information
    1. Companies in Suriname
    2. Directory of companies and e-Marketplaces
    3. Fairs and exhibitions
    4. Information to create a business
  4. Market accessibility
    1. Taxes and tariffs
    2. Customs documentation
    3. Laws of economy
    4. Patents and trademarks
  5. Other countries providing opportunities for the HS890399 product

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